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15 Perfect Tea & YA Book Pairings


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Photography by a friend of mine, Enise B.


Today after a lovely hour of yoga I decided to make a cup of morrocan tea and  read my book . And I ended up doing this xD also it broke ROFL xD  I think he committed suicide ……. :p 

I’m starting to like photography what do you guys think ?

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Daily Dose of Gratitude - Day 25 - Snuggling with a Book

Books and tea, puts a big smile on me.

This is probably the epitome of a perfect weekend – getting…

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March 28th, books & tea

Dear 2014,

My last enforced vacation day of the year.  Sitting by the window watching zero birds come to my bird feeder (sadness) with a steaming cup of tea and some reading.  (love)

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So what have I been doing this summer? Wellllll….

I took the summer off my job (it’s a school year-oriented job and I opted not to do the summer program portion) and I’ve been basically getting rid of junk, organizing, cleaning, and decorating.  I’ve been in my current place a couple of years now but I just never seemed to get things in order.  

So this is my library, now a peaceful, organized, inspiring room full of two of my favorite things: books and tea.  (And lots of nerd culture as well.)  The giant Ikea bookshelf?  You can’t tell from this, but it’s open on boths sides and the other side is packed with books as well.  I think it’s safe to call it an addiction at this point.

Also, the tea hutch I’m very proud of.  It was formerly a dark wood and I’ve been talking about painting it for years and finally got around to it.  I freaking love the color and how it turned out.  In fact I didn’t know one could be in love/lust with a piece of furniture before now.

As for the other shelf that sits on my desk…well I’ve posted a pic of it on tumblr before but it’s been slightly reorganized.  I still think it’s one of the sexiest bookshelves in existence.  

Maybe I’ll post pics of my bedroom later because I’ve done a lot of work there too.  But for now…sorry I’ve been so absent lately and so bad about returning messages and responding to comments.  I’ve been so busy I’ve barely cracked my laptop in the last few weeks…but I do think the hard work has paid off.  

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It is all about connection with the people we love.

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